Key Components

Engaging Achievement trips are designed around three key factors to maximize their impact on middle school students:

  • Leveraging pre-existing relationships between students and educators and educators and college
  • Creating a deep experience on-campus
  • Building the understanding that college is a key developmental experience and exists in many different forms.

Leveraging Relationships

Our trip leaders have demonstrated a strong ability to develop a bond with their students and are willing to share their college experience with these students. Often these leaders are young educators who have recently graduated from schools that they are leading trips to, allowing them to share an important part of their life with the students they currently serve.

Not Just Another Tour

In order to provide students with a rich experience we partner with colleges that are willing to offer a personalized visit that goes beyond a simple campus tour. Students have an opportunity to see campus life in dining halls, during intramural sports and through meaningful interactions with urban students—many of whom are from similar backgrounds.

College Is More Than Just Four More Years

Engaging Achievement facilitates an ongoing discussion of what college has meant for trip leaders in order to inspire students to begin contemplating their own goals and aspirations. Reflective exercises prior to and during the trip help guide their discovery and develop the drive to attend a four-year college of their choice.

Previous Trips

Explore Charter School
East Flatbrush, Brooklyn

In April of 2010 40 students and six faculty members from Explore Charter School traveled to Colby College in Waterville, Maine for an overnight visit.

Frederick Douglass Academy VIII
Canarsie, Brooklyn

In April of 2010 52 students and four chaperones from Frederick Douglass Academy VIII traveled to Colby College in Waterville, Maine for an overnight visit.